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12049364_10207809569330075_2051589078809277233_nWelcome! As I write this, I am aware that I don’t know you or your yearning, as you explore this site.  What I do know is that, throughout our lives, we long to become our best selves; we reach into our hearts and out into the world to find those places where our our hearts and God’s call come together.

This congregation is a community of Christ in which we share the journey as we seek the heart of God with our whole lives.  We live our faith in the world, as Jesus did.  We come to know ourselves and we come to know God as we encounter the challenges of life.

We know that the challenges are real and they are daily.  As a community of God’s love, we cannot turn away from them.

We do not turn away when any of us are challenged with physical, mental, emotional, or social pain.  We grow as a community of care and hope in times of need and crisis.  We confess that, like others, we don’t always know what to do.  We do not have all the answers. And not every one of us has all the gifts.  It is together that we are able to care as a community of God’s compassion. We trust God’s presence and we are led by the love we see in Jesus the Christ and in each other.

We do not turn away when we are called to live boldly as an “Open and Affirming” congregation, not only welcoming, but engaging all the gifts and graces of God’s people who are lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, and intersex.  We take seriously the spiritual life of every person as we seek to realize our lives as those created and called by God. We are graced with wonderful, beautiful differences.  We meet each other as people of every orientation, and we see the fullness of God in the whole community.

We do not turn away when we are called to live boldly as an “Anti-racist/Pro-reconciling” congregation.  We have grown spiritually as we have welcomed the 13661905_10205971815966385_1077678772354233634_ocommunity into ‘Safe Space’ and ‘Sanctuary Space’ in the midst of demonstrations and protests following the tragic killings of young black people in our community. We have grown as persons of faith and as a community of Christ in Sacred Conversations on race. We meet each other in this community as people of different races, experiences, cultures, and economic places.  We come to know God more fully as we grow in love for each other and God’s people in every place.

We are a community of prayer.  We pray together in worship, in small group gatherings, and with each other individually.  We pray because prayer changes us; when we pray our hearts are opened to God and to God’s people in the world.  When we do not have the words, we know that God’s Spirit prays in and through us.  Prayer is not magic.  Rather prayer is relationship with God; opening our lives to God’s Breath and vision.  Prayer is listening to the heart of God.

The word is very near us; it is in our mouth and in our heart!Girl Holding Plant

We at Compton Heights Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) ground our life and ministry in the belief that what comes out of our mouths and our hearts matters. Our Christian faith is something we do and live or it is not the faith of Jesus the Christ. What we do is to plant seeds.

We want to plant: seeds of reconciliation where there is conflict,

seeds of understanding where there is division,
seeds of joy where there is sorrow,
seeds of hope where there is despair,
seeds of community where the ugliness and subtlety of racism have
made us forget our oneness in Christ,
seeds of affirmation and celebration of life and love where heterosexism
has sucked the life out of God’s people
seeds of promise and new life where there is brokenness,
seeds of delight and fun where we’ve taken ourselves way too seriously.

We don’t pretend to be a perfect community. We don’t need to be everything to everybody. All we want to do is to live as faithfully, honestly, and boldly as we can – planting seeds and knowing that it is the God of the universe who is tending those seeds! We may not always see it, but wait for it; it will come! God is an amazing gardener!

Come join us! We’re just over here planting seeds!

Christ’s Peace to you,
Jacque Foster, Pastor