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Compton UpLift FAQ: Extending Our Ministry to More People

Compton Heights Christian Church is in the midst of Compton UpLift, our capital campaign to improve our building and expand our ministry as a result of these improvements.  Construction completed February 2020.  Keep reading for answers to the most common questions people have about this campaign and project.

What does Compton UpLift do?

  • Made the fellowship hall and lower level accessible to people with physical limitations through the installation of a lift near the front door of the sanctuary and the basement.
  • Created two gender neutral bathrooms on the lower level. One bathroom contains a shower.
  • Made needed repairs to the kitchen waste system to make clean up after group meal functions possible.
  • Replaced the fellowship hall flooring.
  • Replaced the fellowship hall ceiling, adding new light fixtures and upgraded HVAC vents.

What does the lift, upgraded bathrooms and kitchen mean for Compton’s

  • More people can attend fellowship dinners
  • More possibilities for meals we have for ourselves and the community
  • Better accessibility to Isaiah 58 Ministries functions: exercise, food distribution, assistance, celebrations
  • More availability to community groups who need meeting space, but need accessibility
  • Genuine welcome for transgender people to have accessible gender neutral bathrooms
  • Ability to host small youth groups or work groups overnight with the shower available
  • Shower facility a plus for Isaiah 58 clients seeking assistance, change of clothes, etc.
  • Accessiblity for:
    – Larger receptions, such as weddings, funerals, anniversaries, etc.
    – Easter morning breakfast and other meals
    – Soup and prayer evenings for Advent and Lent could be physically inclusive
    – In-house congregational retreats
    – Bazaar, craft sales, trivia night and all events

What did Compton UpLift cost?
The total cost was $265,000. We borrowed $195,000 from Disciples Church Extension Fund (DCEF) secured by a mortgage on the church building and land.  Visit for more information about DCEF.

How are we paying for Compton UpLift?

  • As of July, 2021 – through grants, fund raising, friend gifts, member gifts and pledges we have paid approximately $85,500 of the total cost.  The balance on our mortgage as of July, 2021 is approximately $179,500.
  • We need to raise an additional $89,000 to cover the total cost.
    • + $ 89,900 – current pledges(over 5 years) and gifts (these are amounts already given or pledged)
    • + $74,600 – new grants, gifts and pledges over and above our support of our basic ministry
    • + $15,000 – fund raising (over 5 years)
    • = $179,500 – Total – mortgage balance as of 7/2021
  • Additional pledges and gifts averaging $14,900 yearly for five years are needed to reach our goal. (Additional amounts will be needed if fundraising falls short.)
  • Breakdown: $14,900 is $286 a week over and above our support of our basic ministry.
  • Perspective: If 29 people give an extra $10 a week, that would equal $290 a week.

Suggested ways to save in order to give

  • Forego a $5 latte, a $10 movie ticket or a $10-15 lunch
  • Give a portion of a tax refund or an insurance settlement
  • Contribute in honor of a birthday or anniversary at $1-a-year observed
  • Sell unused personal items at a yard sale or some inherited treasure and donate the proceeds

Group fund raising activities and no-cost contributions

  • E-Scrip Dining
  • Save aluminum beverage cans
  • Trivia nights
  • Donate scrap copper or aluminum from repairs
  • Bazaars or craft sales
  • Monthly soup lunch with donation basket
  • Coin banks (including found coins)
  • Online fundraisers
  • Shop through Amazon Smile or GoodShop

How do I let you know how much I can contribute?

How do I contribute to Compton Uplift?

  • Mark your offering in the offering envelope in church
  • Send a check or money order via mail and put “Compton UpLift” in the memo line
  • donate online using
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