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November 2021 Newsletter

Steve’s Message
In the introduction to his book entitled We Talk, You Listen, Vine Deloria, Jr. wrote:

Every now and then I am impressed with the thinking of the non-Indian. I was in Cleveland last year and got to talking with a non-Indian about American history. He said that he was really sorry about what had happened to Indians, but that there was good reason for it. The continent had to be developed and he felt that Indians stood in the way and thus had had to be removed. “After all,” he remarked, “what did you do with the land when you had it?” I didn’t understand him until later when I discovered that the Cuyahoga River running through Cleveland is inflammable. So many combustible pollutants are dumped into the river that the inhabitants have to take special precautions during the summer to avoid accidentally setting it on fire. After reviewing the argument of my non-Indian friend I decided that he was probably correct. Whites had made better use of the land. How many Indians could have thought of creating an inflammable river?”

As our journey of interim ministry together begins in this month of Thanksgiving and Advent, I’m grateful
to be with you. And, in these coming weeks, I invite us to nurture a gratitude in our hearts that issues
forth in deep care and reverence for the sacred gift of Mother Earth and for all of God’s peoples.
Let us sit in prayer, mindfulness and meditation long enough each day for our hearts to be filled with
thanksgiving for this miracle of life, planet and neighbors that we have been given. We cannot change the
terrible dark pages of the past, but we can work to repair and restore today through living simply, walking
humbly and treating the earth and God’s children gently… with care, reverence and love.
What can we NOT do each day this month (like pollute the environment) to save a little more of the earth
and celebrate the life and gift of one of our neighbors?
Blessings and Peace,

Some Ideas

Drive less/walk or bike more

Unplug phone/TV/Computer

Read books on Native American Spirituality

Buy less for self

Gift a neighbor

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