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May Newsletter – Volume 70, No. 5

After Jesus’ death and resurrection, through the power of the Holy Spirit, the disciples and others began sharing the good news of God’s work in Jesus with people from every culture and tradition in the known world at the time. New communities of faith emerged and these earliest Christians were often called “the people of the Way.” For them, the way, truth and life of Jesus… was their way, truth and life.

Many of the stories of these first, earliest Christian people and communities are contained in the book of Acts. Each Sunday in May, there are lectionary texts assigned from the book of Acts.

I would like to focus on these stories from Acts with you each week. I would like to specifically ask the question what they might have to offer us in this blessed time of interim ministry. What insights and connections can we make with the stories and our interim ministry?

Though I’ve read each of the lectionary texts many times before and have re-read them in preparation for this month, at the time of this writing I do not know whether there will be obvious connections to make each week. But, I’m hopeful and trusting that there will be some!

You can help! The lectionary texts for each Sunday in May are listed below. Read them at your leisure. Ask: “How might this story apply to us specifically in this interim time at church?” Email, text or call me with your thoughts.

In Faith, 


  • Sunday, May 1 Acts 9:1-20
  • Sunday, May 8 Acts 9:36-43
  • Sunday, May 15 Acts 11:1-18
  • Sunday, May 22 Acts 16:9-15
  • Sunday, May 29 Acts 16:16-34 

Worship Notes

CHCC is worshiping in person on Sundays. We continue to wear masks and observe social distancing in the pews in the sanctuary. Take care to leave suitable space between yourself and others when pew-end ribbons are removed. Please sign the Greeter’s register as you enter, and pick up a bulletin and communion elements. 

Volunteers are needed each Sunday to help lead worship: Livestream Technician, Greeter, Liturgist, Elders and Deacons. Click here to check the schedule or to sign up.

Prayers for the Community

Please hold in prayer: Audrey and Walt T., Penny and Howard M., Katherine K’s granddaughter Esha, Shannon W., Diane R’s cousin Mona, DebE M’s friend Sheila, Leslie L’s parents; Carolyn H’s sister; Ryan (husband of Steve R’s niece.) We Also pray for: An end to fighting in Ukraine. All who have been killed, injured and driven from their homes to refuge in other countries. Those affected by extreme weather events. Everyone struggling with loneliness, depression and isolation. All who have lost family to Covid-19 and other illnesses. Migrant farm workers suffering unfair wages and labor laws. Anyone experiencing pain and alienation: may you know that God loves ALL of us. May we find hope and choose to build healthy relationships within ourselves, with others, and with creation itself. 


Congratulations! CHCC’s own Rev. Katherine Kinnamon, who has served as the Mid-America Regional Commission on the Order of Ministry Coordinator, has been named an Associate Regional Minister. While her duties will remain the same, her new title more accurately reflects the scope of her contribution to Mid-America. [Amen! We say at CHCC] She works with our Regional Commission on the Order of Ministry (RCOM) to help guide prospective clergy through the processes toward ordination/commissioning, as well as to manage all related policies, documentation, and support. Prior to this contract staff position, Katherine served as the volunteer chairperson of RCOM and as an interim pastor. Congratulations, Katherine! We are blessed with your presence and grateful for you at CHCC!! 

Upcoming Events

  • Sunday, May 1, Morning Worship, 11 am
  • Monday, May 2, Spirit Bloom, 7 pm on Zoom
  • Wednesday, May 5, Board of Ministry, 7 pm on Zoom
  • Sunday, May 8, Morning Worship, 11 am
  • Monday, May 9, Spirit Bloom, 7 pm on Zoom
  • Sunday, May 15, Morning Worship, 11 am
  • Monday, May 16, Spirit Bloom, 7 pm on Zoom
  • Wednesday, May 18, Elders Circle, 7 pm on Zoom
  • Sunday, May 22, Morning Worship, 11 am
  • Monday, May 23, Spirit Bloom, 7 pm on Zoom
  • Wednesday, May 25, Cabinet Meeting, 7 pm on Zoom
  • Sunday, May 29, Morning Worship, 11 am

Eden Seminary Announces

The Rev. Dr. Jacquelyn Leigh Foster is a Doctor of Divinity honorary degree recipient. “Rev. Dr. Foster has not only been an exemplary citizen of Eden’s CE program, she is an exemplary progressive Christian leader in the Seminary’s network.” This degree honors her as a leader who “exemplifies resisting racism (and intersecting oppressions), interfaith collegiality, and vocational resilience.”

CE stands for Contextual Education, which is the program that provides Pastoral Interns to participating churches. During Rev. Jacque’s 25-year ministry at CHCC, we were blessed to have a total of 20 Pastoral Interns from Eden Seminary! Rev. Jacque has also taught the Disciples of Christ Polity Course at Eden several times. She contributed a chapter to the book “Ferguson and Faith: Sparking Leadership and Awakening Community” from Chalice Press, and has been a local leader in social justice witness.

Eden’s commencement will be May 20 indoors at the seminary, which unfortunately limits the number of tickets available. We at CHCC will be cheering her on and wishing her the best.


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