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August Newsletter Volume 70, No. 7

Imagining Future Possibilities

Whenever I go to the Farmer’s Market at Tower Grove Park, the “Spirit in the Air” feels quite similar to the Spirit of Compton. I see people of all ages, backgrounds and experiences coming together to celebrate community, healthy food and the gift of the park’s green space in the heart of the city where brick and mortar rules.

I see lots of people who likely share many things in common with the church just down the street! ☺ It makes me wonder. What friends could Compton make and what presence might Compton have at the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays? What families could Compton meet; families of all shapes and sizes, young and old?

I also wonder about making friends and having presence with other people, including college students and young adults who live nearby.

On that note, we are blessed this month to welcome Rev. Michelle Scott-Huffman. She worshipped with us at CHCC while she attended Eden Seminary a few years ago. She is now the Campus Minister of Ekklesia at Missouri State University and Adjunct Pastor for Preaching at National Avenue Christian Church in Springfield, MO.

She will be our preacher on Sunday, July 31 and will stay after church for a box lunch to engage in conversation about ministry with college students and young adults. Everyone is invited to share in this wonderful opportunity to imagine new possibilities for reaching out to young people. It will be a fun day of welcoming Michelle back to Compton to draw on her energy and experience!

Looking ahead, I will be on vacation from August 1 – August 14.

On August 7, the Stewardship & Outreach Team will introduce “Six Weeks of Compassion” which will run through September 11 (see article below). Rev. Madison Peterson will once again preach and lead worship this day. Thank you, Madison!

On August 14, we will put into action an “imagined possibility” that was recently suggested by one among us. We will have a brief worship of Prayers & Communion followed by a “Service Sunday” to help our neighbors at Isaiah 58 Ministries and also finish some projects in our building and outdoor space. Feel free to wear your work clothes!

On September 25, we will have our second Summer Service Sunday helping our neighbors at Cornerstone Early Childhood Center, plus additional projects to be decided. Our Interim work also continues.

During the weeks of September 19 and September 26, we will invite everyone in the church to gather in small groups (based on geographic proximity to where you live) to share in facilitated conversations with specific questions centering around our ministry now and in the future.

Then, on Saturday, October 15, we will have our second Compton Oneing event to share the conversations from our small groups and plan for next steps in our interim journey… a journey marked, in part, by Imagining Future Possibilities!

Blessings, Steve 

Worship Notes

CHCC is worshiping in person on Sundays at 11 a.m. We continue to wear masks and observe social distancing in the pews in the sanctuary. Take care to leave suitable space between yourself and others as pew-end ribbons are removed. Please sign the Greeter’s register as you enter, and pick up a bulletin and communion elements. 

Prayers of the Community

Please hold in prayer: Walt T., Penny and Howard M., Janet U., Bud Obermiller, Darrell H., Katherine K.’s granddaughter Esha, Shannon W., Diane R.’s cousin Mona, DebE Martin’s friend Sheila Martin, Leslie L.’s parents; Carolyn H.’s sister; Ryan (husband of Steve R.’s niece.) We Also pray for: An end to fighting in Ukraine. All who have been killed, injured and driven from their homes to refuge in other countries. Those affected by extreme weather events. Everyone struggling with loneliness, depression and isolation. All who have lost family to Covid-19 and other illnesses. Migrant farm workers suffering unfair wages and labor laws. Anyone experiencing pain and alienation: may you know that God loves ALL of us. 

Serving Schedule

August Home Communion: Elder: Joan James; Alt: Carolyn Harry; Deacon: Mike Hubbard 

September Home Communion: Elder: Leslie Latham; Alternate: Diane Richardson; Deacon: Ron Hutcherson 

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) has a strong tradition of lay leadership.  Each Sunday you have an opportunity to help lead Sunday morning worship. To sign up to help lead worship or to access the weekly service schedule click here for Signup Genius.

Book Club

Compton Book Club will meet on Saturday, September 10th at 1 pm. Click here for more information.

Upcoming Events

  • All Sunday Worship is at 11 a.m.
  • Exercise continues at 7 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • August 7th at 10 a.m. Summer Volunteer Choir Rehearsal
  • August 7th through September 11th – Six Weeks of Compassion
  • August 14th immediately following worship – Summer Service Sunday
  • August 31st at 7 p.m. – Pastor’s Cabinet on Zoom

Ministry Opportunities


Wow Church! With special thanks to Deanna S. for organizing us, so many of you have generously contributed to our Home Meal Ministry, providing healthy and delicious food for our friends and loved ones who have needed it!

Many of you have shopped for, cooked or purchased meals and delivered them. Many of you have donated money to provide reimbursement for those who have needed it. Together, because of your giving, we have been able to provide several meals each week for four months, since the beginning of April!

In the future: To cook or purchase and deliver a meal, fill out this form for Deanna. She will give you all the details.

To provide financial support for the home meal ministry, click here OR make a check payable to CHCC and write “Home Meal Ministry” in the memo portion of your check.



Continuing a tradition of the last few summers, we will highlight various outreach missions between August 7th and September 11th. Each Sunday will feature a Minute for Mission that highlights the work of one of the missions we support.

In addition to collecting a second offering for Week of Compassion, we also will gather school supplies for Isaiah 58 Ministries’ 2023 Back to School event, and various items for a new project, Missouri Youth Personal Care Packs for the Festival of Sharing. Just choose what you are able to help with!

Week of Compassion Offering – We will distribute coin boxes and a 4-week prayer calendar on August 7th and we are encouraging everyone to donate what you can to Week of Compassion, the disaster relief, refugee resettlement, and development ministry of the Church. Stories will be shared in worship and special offerings can be received any time during the 6 weeks, and all will be dedicated on September 11th. 

Missouri Personal Care Packs for Youth – We are collecting supplies to create packs for youth ages 12-18 who have experienced a crisis situation and who have been placed in state care, or are experiencing homelessness. In 2021, there were requests for 885 of these, but only 236 were donated, which is why our Cabinet decided to collect these for 2022. These will be donated to Festival of Sharing at the St. Louis ingathering on October 1st. All of the items listed below will be placed in drawstring bags, measuring around 17×24 inches. We need volunteers to help us find and purchase or make these bags. We have a tentative goal of 20 Packs. Let’s see how many more we can make! Please note the specific sizes of some items!  Each pack contains the following:

  • 1 Chapstick
  • 1 bottle hand sanitizer, 3 oz
  • 1 washcloth
  • 1 toothbrush
  • 1 travel size toothpaste
  • 1 deodorant
  • 1 travel size shampoo
  • 1 travel size conditioner
  • 1 comb or brush
  • 1 travel size lotion
  • 1 box medicated facial cleansing pads (such as Stridex)
  • 1 mens’ body spray OR 1 small pkg feminine pads or tampons
  • 1 journal
  • 3 ink pens
  • 1 fleece throw

Supplies for Isaiah 58 Ministries 2023 back to school backpacks – 25 protractors and 200 boxes of colored pencils.

Cornerstone Center for Early Childhood Learning Hygiene Hut items – Bath Soap, deodorant, shampoo, wet wipes, baby wipes.

The items above for personal care packs, Isaiah 58 and Cornerstone will be collected starting August 7th at a special table in the hallway across from the restrooms and dedicated on September 11th. 


On Sunday, August 14th we will have an abbreviated worship service, following worship we will concentrate on various sections of our building that need TLC, including the refurbished kitchen and a children’s classroom on the upper floor of the education building, as well as our outdoor gardens. A second Summer Service Sunday on September 25 will see some of us working in the afternoon at Cornerstone Center for Early Childhood Learning, while others can choose to assemble the Youth Personal Care Packs, or complete other projects. 


In 1969 Compton Heights was one of 4 area churches that saw a need for income-based child care. To fill it, we helped found Helping Hand Day Care Center, a nonprofit that is now known as Cornerstone Center for Early Learning, currently located at 3901 Russell Blvd.

Cornerstone staff member, Tori Jackson, writes: “our kids will really enjoy having a special visitor for storytelling.”

To be a storyteller you will need to complete a volunteer application/waiver and have proof of Covid-19 vaccinations. Storytelling will be scheduled for a weekday morning sometime between 9 a.m. and noon. Cornerstone can provide guidance on books to read.

Talk to Marsha McGuire or Judi Linville if you are interested in volunteering with Cornerstone for storytelling. Click here for more information about Cornerstone.

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