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Sanctuary in the City Newsletter, vol. 68 no. 1

Learning from Story Circles

We have had a season of storytelling at CHCC that has engaged almost half the worshiping congregation in the sharing of stories of our lives. In monthly Story Circles through the Fall and then in three weekly Advent Story Circles, and two Sunday morning Adult Class Story Circles, we have shared laughter and tears, simple stories, and amazing stories. We have shared our times of waiting, times when we were afraid, our experiences of feeling different and how we navigated them. We have told stories of gift giving and receiving, and we have shared stories of expectation and hope.

In almost every Story Circle, people have reflected on the themes that are common between us, as different as we may think we are. I believe our relationships and our sense of community has moved to a new place. Many of us have learned to listen to
another person’s story and to honor and respect it by letting it stand without our judgment of it. Some of us found that hard to do at first, simply because we had become accustomed to placing our seal of approval or suggesting what we think someone must
surely feel or mean, rather than simply honoring the story they tell. In short, we have been working on a deeper way of listening for the story of another. And, we have learned to tell a piece of our story briefly, and then to listen while the other speaks.

Some in the congregation did not get to, or choose to participate in this season of storytelling. But my hope is that All of us – the whole community will experience the ripple effect of half the congregation spending a season telling and listening deeply to each others story. In essence, we have added to our ‘toolbox’ a way of being present.

Hopefully, we will take storytelling and inviting the stories of the other into our visiting, into our building relationship with those who new to us, into our way of creating ‘radical

Having spent the autumn and now the Advent and Christmas season with Story Circle, it is my suggestion that we take a break and allow space for other ways of living out ministry together. We will keep the practice of Story Circle as something that we continue to weave into our community life. Just as the idea of our Advent Story Circles came from someone who was participating in monthly Circles and thought that this would bring a new dimension to our Advent, so I expect and hope that we will create Story Circles for other special times and needs in the life of the Church! Blessings as you keep listening for and telling stories!


prayersWe hold each other and our wider community, nation, and world in prayer. It is more than a turn of phrase to say that we “pray without ceasing.” This is a community grounded and centered in prayer in such a way that we hold each other and those we do not know in God’s Restorative Light day and night.

Please pray for: Joyce Cole – Delmar Gardens Chesterfield, Dennis James, for healing following his hand surgery, Carolyn Harry who is doing so well in her knee replacement recovery, Don Harry with recent time in hospital and continuing to recover, Diane Richardson who has been ill, Leslie  Latham’s mom and dad who are both facing health challenges. We also pray for those who are struggling with jobs, job loss, and who are in the job search process. Peace for those for whom the Christmas season was difficult and has stirred tender places of grief and loss. For those who are grieving the loss of beloved pets in these recent weeks – Brenda and Leslie in the unexpected death of the of their dear cat Taz, and Bob and Linda Lewis in the death of their dear cat Sidney.

insympathyWe celebrate the life of Sharon Lee Sack Clayton
and we grieve our own loss in her death on
November 15, 2019. Sharon was long-time and
beloved member of Compton Heights Christian
Church. She brought laughter and love to our
lives and to the lives of all her family and friends.
We hold in prayer, Sharon’s son John Clayton and
his wife Jill, as well as her sister Caroline Hicks and
her husband Jon. A Memorial Service was held in our sanctuary on November 23. Gifts have been made to Isaiah 58 Ministries and to the Compton Uplift fund in loving
memory of Sharon.

JANUARY                                FEBRUARY
Food Items:   Oats                                         Tuna
Dried Beans                           Tuna Helper
Pantry Essentials: Cooking Oil                   Spices
(Canola, Olive, Vegetable)
Personal Care: Body Lotion, Lip Balm      Razors, Shaving Cream
Cleaning Supplies: Laundry Soap               Toilet Bowl Cleaner

You are invited to bring any of these items to place in the
ISAIAH 58 Offering Basket in the sanctuary on Sundays.

comptonuplift_logoSAVE THE DATE: Dinner Celebration!
Sunday, March 1st following worship
Bring a Favorite Dish to Share!
“Valet Dish Delivery” to the downstairs kitchen!
(If you would like your food dish taken down and placed in warming oven, fridge, or table at room temperature, we will have “Lift Valet Service” and people to take care of it for you! Just bring your dish to the narthex before worship and place on the designated shelf of the food cart)

Come expecting to:
Celebrate and be energized for the UpLift Renovations for Ministry!
Help Lift our ministry to the community!
Help identify OUR Epiphany Sparks of Light!
To receive A SURPRISE in celebration of one of our ministries!

(PLEASE NOTE: This was previously scheduled for January 26, but has been moved to allow us to finish the Fellowship Hall and Kitchen work!)

protagonistThe Compton Heights CC Book Club
Saturday, February 8, 1:00 pm
Protagonist Café – A Literary Cafe
1700 S. 9th Street
(corner of 9th and Lafayette in Soulard)
Discussing Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate
Come join us!!


Refreshment/Coffee Hosts for 2020
I am currently working on the coffee hosts list for 2020. If you currently are not a part of this ministry and would like to be added to the schedule, please let me know. If you are currently on the schedule from 2019 and would like to be removed, please let
me know.

The coffee hosts provides snacks and juice on your designated Sundays for coffee time following worship service. You are responsible for setting up the snacks before coffee time and cleaning up afterwards. I usually assign a minimum of two people for each Sunday so you are not doing this by yourself. The snacks are just that, snacks – can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose, homemade or store bought. Cups, plates, napkins,
utensils and coffee are provided so you don’t need to bring these items. Please let me know by January 19, 2020 if you would like to be a part of this ministry.
Marsha McGuire

Sunday Adult Bible Study: The Gospel of Matthew: A Six Week Series January 12 – February 16 10:05 – 10:45 am – Join us in the library for study and discussion.

MCUMCU: METROPOLITAN CONGREGATIONS UNITED 2020 Annual Membership Assembly: Tuesday, January 28, 5:30 to 8:30 pm
New Northside Conference Center, 5939 Goodfellow Blvd; St. Louis, MO 63147
Our congregation is a member of MCU – Metropolitan Congregations United. You have heard from Becky Klemme Eliceiri who is engaged with MCU’s work to stop the School to Prison Pipeline. You have heard from Kathy Mead, who has worked with MCU’s work for Medicaid Expansion. Our congregation took part in MCU’s Sacred Conversations on Race. We served as a Safe Space and Sanctuary Space with MCU’s coordination. We have worked with MCU for responsible policing in our communities. All in all, MCU brings together congregations to work together on the issues of faith and justice that impact everyone in our area.

MCU’s Annual Membership Assembly, our annual business meeting, is every member congregation/organization’s opportunity for the coming year to shape MCU’s work of confronting systemic powers together to create a better St. Louis region.

All are welcome, including interested non-member people, congregations, and organizations. As a member congregation, we are urged bring as many as would like to participate , and we will have 2 voting representatives. We will celebrate MCU’s 2019
victories and go over what’s on the agenda for 2020: Unlock the Vote, EXPO, Raise the Age NOW, and the 2020 general election! We’ll also vote on new cabinet members review the budget for the year, and approve our 2020 agenda.

The meeting includes a light supper for $10 each, REGISTRATION DEADLINE – JANUARY 13 Make reservation at or 314-367-3484

Again this winter, our congregation is working with Winter Outreach and Oak Hill
Presbyterian Church to provide winter shelter on especially cold nights.

Our night is Wednesday – when temperatures are 20 degrees or below (25 degrees with
precipitation). As these cold days are anticipated, we receive a sign-up request from Dena
Roper at Oak Hill. We then send an email with the link to “Sign Up Genius” for you to sign
up for the time you can help – just two hours means so much! The time slots extend from
4 pm (for Set-up) through early evening (for help serving supper) to late evening and
overnight presence to early morning breakfast help and clean-up.

Two people are needed for each two hour slot of time. This Winter Shelter Ministry is
vital and life-saving for those in our community who would otherwise be on the streets.

If you have questions, please ask Pastor Jacque.

Wow – the work we have been doing …
It should be no surprise that the Compton UpLift project is not all the work of contractors!

1. First, before anything else, we all made the daring decision to do this project – creating accessibility to the lower level of the building, putting in new restrooms with shower, replacing the fellowship hall floor and ceiling, and taking our first steps to make
the kitchen more usable. Our decision together to do this was a commitment to strengthen ministry in this community!

2. Then we made financial pledge commitments to underwrite the work! We are still in need of pledges; we’re not quite there! But we had enough confidence to take out the loan and do the work. Now we have the opportunity for more to pledge to financially to the project!

3. Darrell Hughes has been overseeing the work of contractors and maintaining communication to make the project happen.

4. Recently so many of you have done just plain ole super hero work! There was the day we took down the ceiling tiles in the fellowship hall! Picture CHCC folks with masks and goggles, hoes and rakes — arms in the air for hours ripping down the tiles, and others cleaning up the mess and loading them in wheelbarrows and on dollies to haul them out to the dumpster

Then there was Sunday afternoon, January 5, when we gathered after worship to clean the dirt (accumulated from construction) off all the chairs and tables and set up the fellowship hall for Isaiah 58 Ministries to be able to re-open and serve
clients after the laying of the new floor!

5. Now before the contractor hangs the metal framing for the ceiling, some of us will need to paint at least the top 18 inches of the fellowship hall walls.

6. Then, after the contractor hangs the framing for the drop ceiling, Darrell Hughes and Dave Boger will be installing new fellowship hall lights and vents – before the new ceiling can go in.

7. Diane Richardson has volunteered to paint fellowship hall walls and so others are invited to help in this project!!

8. Then we will need to get the kitchen ready to go again before our March 1 meal celebration!

No doubt there is much that is not listed here! You see! It truly takes a village to do all parts of ministry and to create the space for ministry.

Weekly Winter Schedule
Sundays 9:15 Choir Prep.
10:00 Classes
11:00 Worship
12:10 Refreshments
12:30 Choir Practice
Each Tues. & Thurs. 7 pm Exercise Group
2nd Tuesday Compassionate Listening 7:15 – 8:30 p
1st Wed. Board or Min. Grp
3rd Wed. Elders Circle 7 pm
1st Thurs. Prayer Shawl Grp
Each Friday –Happy Fri. 7 – 8 a
Saturdays Exercise 11:30 am

Compton Heights Christian Church
2149 South Grand Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63104
sanctuary in the city

Contact us: 314-771-5071
Check us out on Facebook

PDF Version of Newsletter

Sanctuary in the City November 2019 News (Vol. 67 No. 5)


At the very heart of the life and ministry of the Church is caring for God’s people. Our caring takes many forms and is lived out in many contexts, but it is the core of everything we do. Just think about it:
• Caring for God’s people is at the heart of worship as we proclaim the love of God, as we pray for those in and beyond our community, and as we break bread together at the Table of Christ
• Caring for God’s people is at the heart of our giving as we seek to respond to God’s love and care for us, and to live out Christ’s ministry in the world though Week of Compassion, Reconciliation Ministry, and so many others
• Caring is at the heart of our Education and Spiritual nurture of children and adults
• Caring is at the heart of our action and outreach in the community and the world as we advocate for justice, feed those who are hungry, seek adequate housing and health care for all, create Emergency Clean-up Buckets for those suffering in the wake of disasters, as we care for people through Isaiah 58 Ministries, help to feed those who live in poverty, and help provide shelter in the winter, and connect with others thru Happy Friday
• Caring is at the heart of our congregation’s various ways for being community with each other – such the work of the Elders and Deacons in visiting and sharing Communion with those who are ill, and our new Story Circle gatherings, and our Compassionate Listening group, our Books group, our Prayer Shawl Ministry
The list goes on and on. We have always visited and prayed for each other in times of need within the congregation. However, I am excited to see this ministry grow in organization and strength! Deanna Snowden shared with me that she feels particularly called to coordinate our Ministry of Care for people in the congregation. She has already begun to call and check on people who are ill, and facilitate our providing of meals when that would be helpful. If you would like to take part in this ministry, by making a visit when needed, or preparing a casserole or other dish for someone in a time of illness, or grief, or other need, please contact Deanna so that she will have you on her list! The Ministry of Care will coordinate with the Elders, so that the two groups communicate about the needs of the congregation! What a Blessing!!

prayersWe hold each other and our wider community, nation, and world in prayer. It is more than a turn of phrase to say that we “pray without ceasing.” This is a community grounded and centered in prayer in
such a way that we hold each other and those we do not know in God’s Restorative Light day and night.

Please pray for: Millie Slack, Joyce Cole, Sharon Clayton, Karen and John Pitt Audrey Tarde, Carolyn Harry’s husband Don Harry

NOVEMBER                                  DECEMBER
Food Item: Pancake Mix            Hot Chocolate,
Syrup                                             Tea, Canned Fruit
Pantry Essential: Flour               Sugar
(1 or 2 lbs)                                      (1or 2 lbs)
Personal Care:Diapers (sizes 4,5,6) Shampoo
Baby Wipes                                     Conditioner
Cleaning Supplies: All Purpose   SOS Pads
Cleaner                                             Sponges
You are invited to bring any of these items to place in the
ISAIAH 58 Offering Basket in the sanctuary on Sundays.

comptonuplift_logoWhat’s Up with Compton UpLift?
Wow! The work on the new downstairs restrooms is
really coming along! The Lift is in town and that part of
the work will begin soon! We have chosen the floor finishes for both downstairs and upstairs! Our target is to be finished with the Lift and Restrooms by the end of
November! The work to refurbish the Fellowship Hall floor will
hopefully begin at the end of December!

THANK YOU so much for the faithfulness with which your Capital Campaign Commitments are coming in!

Due to the construction, our Ministry Group leaders made the decision that we will not have a Thanksgiving Dinner downstairs this year. HOWEVER, we will have a
Celebration and Feast in the fellowship hall when the construction is completed! It will truly be a great celebration of Thanks!

buyabirdBUY-A-Bird XXVI & JIFFY MIX – 26 years of Buy-A-Bird – WOW! Buy-A-Bird provides the opportunity for each of us to help families in need to have turkeys, chickens, (or hams (“When Pigs Fly!”) for Thanksgiving.

A $20 contribution makes it possible for Isaiah 58 Ministries to give a family a $20 Schucks gift card to purchase a turkey, ham, or other item for their holiday meal. Then they are invited to shop at the Isaiah 58 for other holiday food.

In the past our congregation has provided a variety of different foods for Thanksgiving meals. THIS YEAR we are asked to take a different approach. We are asked to provide 200 small boxes of Jiffy (or other brand) Cornbread Mix by Sunday, November 17 (or at the latest, by Wednesday, the 20. This gives time for Isaiah 58 to get ready for the Thanksgiving Food distribution on Monday, November 25. GIVE WITH THANKSGIVING!!

storycircleJoin us for STORY CIRCLE – the last Sunday of the month
Next Story Circles are October 27 and November 24
LIGHT LUNCH at 12:20 (ish) pm Circle from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Our Story Circles were so very powerful as we shared our first experience of hearing each others stories in response to a simple question! In September there were 14 of us and so
we divided into 2 groups! Each group had its own unique experience. We hope you will plan to join us on the last Sundays of October and November!

A Story Circle is a group of people sitting in a circle telling personal stories of their experience on a particular topic or theme. The purpose of our Story Circles is to build relationships and deepen community. In Story Circles we can share stories that have
shaped us, stories of surprise, stories of discovery, stories of challenge, stories of hope, stories of change, stories that make us laugh, stories that make us cry. We can share stories about our own spiritual challenges, and stories about our faith.

Story Circle is especially appropriate in the life of a church community because the church is all about Story! We gather around stories of God’s people. The story of the church is grounded in the stories of Hebrew Scripture, the stories about Jesus, and the
stories (parables) that Jesus told. We are constantly telling, retelling, and unpacking stories. Stories have been used destructive ways and in life-affirming ways. We come face to face with stories that have hurt God’s people and stories that have renewed
God’s people.

In this day and time, it is vital that we share and hear our stories. Story Circle is not a place of debate or argument; it is, rather, a sacred and safe place of story. One does not need to commit to participate in every Story Circle in order to take part. Each one
will stand on its own with a particular question. However, after our first experience at the end of September, our sense that many will not want to miss the next story told!

Plowsharing Crafts Fundraiser for Compton UpLift! NOVEMBER 24th thru 30th
A number of us shop at Plowsharing Crafts on Delmar in the Loop (especially as we prepare for Christmas!)

This year, we hope you will do your Plowsharing Crafts shopping from Nov. 24 to 30. On these days, if you mention Compton Heights Christian Church, we will receive 15% of the amount of your purchase for our Compton UpLift Project!!

SAVE THE DATES, and PLEASE SHARE WITH FRIENDS! We would like as many people as possible to shop at Plowsharing Crafts on behalf of CHCC on Nov. 24th through 30th

We are thrilled that our Rodgers Organ has been repaired and once again we will have Morgan at the organ! Morgan had spent months nursing the failing keyboards to keep them going on Sunday mornings. You may have noticed him quietly moving the keys up and down as other things were going on in worship. He was keeping them moving so that they would play for the next hymn! Then the day came when there were just too many “stuck” keys!

Two weeks ago, Bruce Conley, our wonderful organ repairer, and Darrell Hughes removed the keyboards and Bruce has now rebuilt them. Morgan dashed over to the church the evening they were re-installed just to test it out! What joy!

Witnessing Whiteness Are you ready to challenge the way you view race?
Both Kathy Mead and Dave Boger of our congregation have taken part in the YWCA’s Witnessing Whiteness Small Group experience. They have both found it very powerful and life-enriching!

Kirkwood United Methodist Church is hosting a Spring 2020 series on Sunday evenings 6 – 8 pm, Jan 19 & 26, Feb 9 & 23, March 8, 22, &29, April 5 & 19, and May 3. Email Jess Horsley to sign up: His email is:
Space for local residents is limited to 18 participants! Registration closes Friday, Nov. 15!


ADVENT EVENING STORY CIRCLES – Thursdays, December 5, 12, and 19 at 7:00 pm
Some of those who have experienced our Story Circle, suggested that our ADVENT EVENING Gatherings this year be ADVENT STORY CIRCLES. What a wonderful idea! Our stories of Advent and Christmas are such powerful part of our lives! We will build three
Advent Evenings around these stories.

Mark your calendar to set aside three evenings of Advent for reflection on our stories of expectation and the coming of Christ!

advent.jpgThe Weeks of Advent
Sunday, December 1 — The First Sunday of Advent – Lighting the Candle of HOPE
The Hanging of the Greens in worship
The Tree of Warmth begins – We decorate the Tree of Warmth with warm socks, hats, scarves, gloves/mittens, long underwear for those who are cold and without warmth in winter. These will be distributed through Isaiah 58 Ministries.
Thursday, Dec 5 Advent Story Circle 7 pm
Sunday, December 8 – The Second Sunday of Advent – Lighting the Candle of PEACE
Thursday, Dec 12 Advent Story Circle 7 pm
Sunday, December 15 — The Third Sunday of Advent – Lighting the Candle of JOY
Pastor’s Christmas Open House 6 – 9 pm at Jacque and Dave’s
Thursday, Dec 19 Advent Story Circle 7 pm
Sunday, December 22 – The Fourth Sunday of Advent/Christmas Sunday – Lighting the Candle of LOVE
Tuesday, December 24 Christmas Eve Worship 6:00 pm – Lighting the CHRIST CANDLE
Christmas Caroling in the Neighborhood 7:15 pm
Join in our 70 year tradition of Caroling for the St. Louis Christmas Caroling Assoc.
to benefit Children’s services in the St. Louis area. We carol and then return to the
church for warms drinks and treats
Wednesday, December 25 CHRISTMAS Day
2019 ADVENT DEVOTIONAL: Once again this year, we will have copies of the Advent Devotional created by Phillips Theological Seminary for our congregation!

Weekly Fall Schedule
Sundays 9:15 Choir Prep.
10:00 Classes
11:00 Worship
12:10 Refreshments
12:30 Choir Practice
Each Tues. & Thurs. 7 pm Exercise Group
2nd Tuesday 7:15 – 8:30 pm Compassionate Listening
1st Wed. Board or Min. Grp
3rd Wed. Elders Circle 7 pm
1st Thurs. Prayer Shawl Grp
Each Friday –Happy Fri. 7 – 8 a
Saturdays Exercise 11:30 am

Contact us: 314-771-5071
check us out on Facebook

View November 2019 Newsletter as PDF

Sanctuary in the City News, September 2019


The stories of our lives are made up of the ordinary, daily movements of being human in relationship with the rest of creation. Our lives are about waking up and living each day, experiencing delight and disappointment, anticipating something new and meeting the old familiar, discovering who we are and who we hope to become, loving and being
loved, feeling lonely and being afraid, living into our relationship with God and asking who we are and who God is. At the heart of our each of our stories, is the truth that we do not live them alone. Our stories are a part of the story of God’s people. Every interaction, every response shapes and reshapes our world.

We learn about God and what it means to be human through stories – stories in the Bible, stories shared in our history, stories shared by those who have been oppressed, and those who were not the winners and therefore did not get to write history. We learn what it is to be human through the stories that we create, through poetry, prose, music.

One of the challenges in communities in the 21st century is to speak our stories, to
listen to the stories of others, and to thus come to see the movements of God
in, and through, and around us. When we feel overwhelmed and powerless, we are
strengthened in coming to know who we are individually and together. We are
strengthened by shared laughter and tears.

I look forward to this year of storytelling with you – in all the ways we share our
lives of faith as we reach out together.

Please see the page 4 article on the beginning of Story Circle on September 29!
Blessings to you! Jacque

3rd Millennium World’s Fair Concert
Saturday, September 14 , 7:30 pm

This is the second of two shows celebrating the new Album by 3rd
Millennium World’s Fair, “Friends and Places.” This show will
feature the trio:

Hannah Frey: Violin and Viola
Meghan Yankowskas: Clarinet
Michael Hagmeier: Guitar, didjeridu, & percussion
Plus special guest Stephanie Hunt on cello.

Tickets are $10 and available online at:
prayersWe hold each other and our wider community, nation, and world in prayer. It is more than a turn of phrase to say that we “pray without ceasing.” This is a community grounded and centered in prayer in such a way that we hold each other and those we do not know in God’s Restorative Light day and night.

Please pray for: Millie Slack, Joyce Cole, Sharon Clayton, Karen and John Pitt

Our students beginning school: Xavier Litton beginning Pre-School; Jacob and Ty Woodard beginning college

sept2nd Talya Perry
9th Madeline Haraway,
Becky Klemme-Eliceiri
18th Walter Tarde, Jr.
26th Carolyn Harry


oct9th Penny Miller
15th Monte Abbott
23rd Marsha McGuire
28th Liz Vollmar



Food Item: Cereal                    Beef Stew
Peanut Butter                            Canned Greens

Pantry Essential: Coffee        Salt
(ground)                                     Pepper

Personal Care: Toothpaste    Deodorant
Toothbrush                                Bar Soap
Especially need Toilet Paper!

Cleaning Supplies: Dish Soap Magic Erasers

You are invited to bring any of these items to place in the
ISAIAH 58 Offering Basket in the sanctuary on Sundays.

newmembersWe celebrate that Deanna Snowden and Nick Snowden
joined CHCC on Sunday, August 11. Deanna and Nick are
sister and brother and are both coming of the Churches of
Christ tradition (our shared Stone-Campbell history!).
Deanna has recently retired as a librarian with Webster
University, and Nick owns his own business. We give thanks
for the faith and joy that Nick and Deanna bring to Compton
Heights Christian Church!

Sunday School ResumesFALL CLASSES BEGIN SUNDAY, SEPT 8, 10 am

Our Fall Christian Education and Spiritual Nurture classes
are beginning!

We will have a Multi-Age children’s class led by Kathy
Mead, Madeline Haraway, and Darrell Hughes.

Our Adult class will do a study/discussion of “The Prophet” following Richard Rohr’s Center for Action and Contemplation. We will reflect on the Prophet in scripture and in our current world.

comptonuplift_logoWhat’s Up with Compton UpLift?

Like the old commercial line: “Where’s the beef?” you might be asking: “Where’s the construction?

We dare to say, “It’s Coming!!” We know that work with architects and seeking approvals from the city and glitches and changes and then more approval processes, and then getting new bids from contractors (because of the aforementioned changes) can take a crazy amount of time and energy!

Darrell Hughes and Dave Boger have poured hours and hours into this and it looks like we are “a go!” They have about been ‘driven to distraction so thank them when you
see them!

2019-2020 Pastoral Intern – Madison Peterson

201920CHCCintMPHello! My name is Madison Peterson- I’m so excited to be joining you this year at Compton Heights! I was born and raised Disciple. I call the Kansas City Region home and grew up a Lee’s Summit Christian Church. I first felt a call to
ministry when I was in high school at my beloved church camp, Tall Oaks. After high school, I went to Missouri State in Springfield, Missouri. There, I was fed and nurtured by my campus ministry, Ekklesia, and our interfaith student group, Bears Better Together. I met my husband Orion the day after we moved onto campus our freshman year and over time at MSU, we became partners both in life and in
leadership roles in Bears Better Together. I graduated in May 2018 with my BS in General Business and minor in Religious Studies. Orion and I moved to St. Louis so that I could start seminary at Eden Theological Seminary. He has a master’s in biology and works at Washington Univrsity in an Immunology research lab,
studying Type 1 Diabetes. We were married January 2019 (in the wake of a big
snowstorm) and in May, adopted our beloved chihuahua mix, Ella J, who brings 14 pounds of joy and energy into our home. As we continue to get settled in St. Louis, we really love taking walks in our neighborhood, eating too much Ted Drewes and sushi, and hosting our families from Kansas City and Rockford, IL.

As I begin the start of my second year of seminary, I am still discerning what my call to ministry looks like. I am very interested in chaplaincy and had a great experience as a chaplain intern this summer at St. Louis University Hospital. I am looking forward to learning from the good folks here at Compton Heights and am honored to join a long
lineage of student pastors that this congregation has welcomed and fostered. I have already experienced your hospitality and kindness in my visits, and am hopeful to pour myself and my gifts in to the life of this ministry. I pray that my time with you will be full of learning, grace, and growth for both you and for me!

blessinganimalsIt has been a while since we held a Blessing of the Animals at Compton Heights CC! Several people have suggested that this would be a good time to gather for Pet Blessing! The last time we did this blessing on Earth Day. But it is more traditionally done around the Church’s celebration of St. Francis of Assisi which is October 4. So this year, we will hold a Blessing of the Animals on Saturday, October 5, 1:00 pm on the church lawn.

All pets must be either on leash or in crate. If you have a pet that will not do well around other animals or should not be brought for any reason, you are invited to bring that pet’s collar or blanket (something to represent the pet being blessed.)

bookclubCompton Heights CC Book Group

Next meeting: Saturday, October 12 at 1:00pm at the church
We are reading and discussing:
Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate

storycircleJoin us for STORY CIRCLE – the last Sunday of the month, beginning Sunday, September 29 LIGHT LUNCH at 12:30 pm Circle at 1:00 pm

A Story Circle is a group of people sitting in a circle telling personal stories of their experience on a particular topic or theme. Each story circle invites stories in response to one simple question. For instance, “When has an experience with art touched your life?” Or “What do you remember about someone caring for you when you needed care?” Or “How has an experience of being outdoors in nature been transforming for you? Or “When have you felt set free to be more fully yourself? Or When have you realized that you were loved by God? The possibility for theme and questions is unending!

Story Circles can help build relationships, strengthen communities, build bridges. In story circles we can share stories that have shaped us, stories of surprise, stories of discovery, stories of challenge, stories of hope, stories of change, stories that make us
laugh, stories that make us cry. We can share stories about our own spiritual challenges, and stories about our faith.

The model is simple and yet profound. It has been used to great effect by the Appalachian group “Roadside Theatre,” in community building, and in congregations. Each story circle is different and is focused around a question. Each circle has a
facilitator and follows simple guidelines to help us listen to each other’s stories.
Story Circle is especially appropriate in the life of a church community because the church is all about Story! We gather around stories of God’s people. The story of the church is grounded in the stories of Hebrew Scripture, the stories about Jesus, and the
stories (parables) that Jesus told. We are constantly telling, retelling, and unpacking stories. Stories have been used destructive ways and in life-affirming ways. We come face to face with stories that have hurt God’s people and stories that have renewed
God’s people.

In this day and time, it is vital that we share and hear our stories. Story Circle is not a place of debate or argument; it is, rather, a sacred and safe place of story. One does not need to commit to participate in every Story Circle in order to take part. Each one
will stand on its own with a particular question. The exception to this would be if we decide to do a series of questions around a single theme or issue of importance to us.

While away for General Assembly, Pastor Jacque worshiped with a congregation that is using Story Circle in wonderful ways.

She came back with a passion to introduce Story Circle into the life of Compton Heights CC.

A poll of the congregation in worship over two Sundays revealed 11 people interested in Story Circle on the last Sunday of the month and 3 interested in a Thursday evening. We will begin meeting on the last Sunday of the month and if more become interested in a weekday evening group, we can explore that option later on!


+ Those who made sandwiches twice a month for people who are un-housed and hungry
+ Those who greeted the community on the street on Friday mornings during “Happy Friday”
+ Those who participated in General Assembly and those who led worship and cared for others during that time.
+ Those who have volunteered with and given to Isaiah 58 Ministries
+ Those who have participated in Break the School to Prison Pipeline work and other community ministry with Metropolitan Congregations United
+ Those who have participated in SIX WEEKS OF COMPASSION – creating Disaster Clean-up Buckets, giving to Week of Compassion to support relief and development ministries.
+ Those who have participated in public witness actions in opposition to gun violence and in opposition to abuse of refugees seeking asylum. Those who have prayed and made contacts calling for justice and peace.

fallWhat’s Happening Here

Weekly Fall Schedule

Sundays 9:15 Choir Prep
10:00 Classes
11:00 Worship
12:10 Refreshments
12:30 Choir Practice
Each Tues. & Thurs. 7 pm Exercise Group
4st Tues. Compassionate Listening 6:30 – 8:30 p
1st Wed. Board or Min. Grp
3rd Wed. Elders Circle 7 pm
1st Thurs. Prayer Shawl Grp
Each Friday –Happy Fri. 7 – 8 a
Saturdays Exercise 11:30 am

Sunday, Sept 1
Tues, Thurs Exercise 7p
Wed. Sept 4 Min. Grps 7p
Thurs. Sept 5 –Prayer Shawl Group 7
Happy Fri, Sept 6 – 7 am
Sat. Sept 7 Exer 11:30 am

Sunday, Sept 8
Bible Presentation
Pastoral Intern Begins!
Tues., Thurs Exercise 7p
Wed. Sept 11 Board 7p
Happy Friday Sept 13 7a
Sat. Sept 14 Exer. 11:30a
3MWF CONCERT – 7:30 p

Sunday, Sept 15
Tues, Thurs Exercise 7p
Wed., Sept 18 Elders 7p
Happy Friday Sept 21 – 7a

Sat. Sept 21

Exer. 11:30
Sunday, Sept 22
Tues., Thurs Exercise 7pm
Tues Sept 24 Compassionate
Listening 6:30 pm
Wed., Sept 25 Cabinet 7p
Happy Fri, Sept 27 7am
Sat. Sept 28 Exer. 11:30

Sunday, Sept 29
Reconciliation Sunday
Story Circle – Lunch 12:30
Circle 1:00p
Tues., Thurs. Exercise 7p
Wed., Oct 2 – Board 7p
Thurs Oct 3 – Pr. Shawl 7p
Happy Fri, Oct 4 7 am
Sat. Oct 5 Exer. 11:30a
Blessing of Animals 1:00p

Sunday, Oct 6 World
Communion and Reconcil.
Tues.,Thurs. Exercise 7 pm
Happy Friday Oct 11 7am
Sat, Oct 12 Exer. 11:30 am
Book Group 1pm

Sunday, Oct 13
Tues., Thurs Exercise 7p
Wed., Oct 16 Elders 7 pm
Fri Oct 18 Happy Fri 7am
Sat.Oct 19 Exer. 11:30

Sunday, Oct 20
Tues., Thurs Exercise 7pm
Tues Oct 22 Compassionate
Listening 6:30pm
Fri Oct 25 Happy Fri 7 am
Sat, Oct 26 Exercise 7pm

Compton Heights Christian Church

2149 South Grand Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63104

Ministry Leaders
Rev. Dr. Jacquelyn Foster

Ms. Madeline Haraway
Moderator of Congregation
Mr. Monte Abbott
Vice Moderator
Ms. Marsha McGuire

Ms. Marty Hughes
Ms. Leslie Latham
Financial Secretaries
Ms. Kathy Mead,
Mr. Tom Litton

Contact us: 314-771-5071
check us out on Facebook

Sanctuary in the City: June – July 2019 (Vol. 67 No. 2)

AWAKE TO THE SPIRIT: Advocate, Comforter, Breath
In these last Sundays of Easter, we have heard Christ’s promise of Presence in powerful ways. Two Sundays before Pentcost Sunday, we read in John 14:23-29: “We (Christ and God the Creator) will come to them and make our home with them.” “The Advocate, the Holy Spirit . . . will teach you everything, and remind you of all that I have said to you.”
“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you.” “I am going away, and I am coming to you.” Oh how we need the assurance of God’s Presence in these days! And the gift is that God’s Spirit is present:

  • As Advocate for God’s people – for ALL who forget how to love ourselves, forget who we are, forget that we are One People throughout the earth! The Advocate stands with and reminds us of the call to wholeness!
  • As Comforter for ALL who feel that we have been left alone, abandoned. For all who grieve and feel lost and confused.
  • As Breath, that we may live fully as one people – no longer separated by language, or race, or gender. or orientation, or nation, or religion. We are ‘God-Breathed’ for the wholeness in which we were created!

Sunday, June 9 is PENTECOST – 50 days after Easter when, as the story is told in Acts, the Spirit came like the rush of a mighty wind, and like flames
touching each one gathered. And they
heard and understood each other across
the barriers of nation and language.

As we enter this season of Pentecost, I pray that we may truly hear and speak so that understanding grows. May the harm caused by our unwillingness to see and respect each other as fully human, be revealed and healed. May women, children, people of color, people of every nation be respected in body and spirit.


CHCC_Uplift_concertCompton Uplift Concert

We invite all CHCC members and friends to help make this a great concert, a celebration of
community, AND a great fundraiser for the COMPTON UPLIFT accessibility project!!

Please sell tickets, invite friends in person and on Facebook, help put together a basket for raffle, help with food for the evening, make goodies for the bake sale, volunteer to help with set up, greeting, tending tables, etc.

. . . . And most of ALL, COME! ENJOY! CELEBRATE! HAVE FUN!
Let Madeline Haraway and Diane Richardson know what you would like to do!

DOCGenAssembly2018GA 2019: Abide in Me  We are excited that 10 CHCC members are going to the General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciple of Christ) in Des Moines. Laypersons:
Judi Linville – voting delegate
Leslie Latham – voting delegate

Marcia Hendrix (alternate voting delegate)
Madeline Haraway
Dave Boger
Marsha McGuire
Kathy Mead

Clergy: Jacque Foster, Brenda Booth, Becky
Klemme-Eliceiri (Clergy also have vote)

I58SpeakEasyIsaiah58Isaiah 58 Ministries

Bag of Blessings

JUNE                                        JULY
Food Item:

Hot Chocolate                       Oats
Canned Fruit                         Dried Beans

Pantry Essential:

Cooking Oil                             Flour
(canola, olive,                         (1 or 2 lbs)

Personal Care:

Shampoo                                  Body Lotion
Conditioner Lip Balm

Cleaning Supplies:

SOS Pads                                Laundry Soap

You are invited to bring any of these items to place in the ISAIAH 58 Offering Basket on Sunday mornings at Compton Heights CC!

prayersWe hold each other and our wider community, nation, and world in prayer. It is more than a turn of phrase to say that we “pray without ceasing.” This is a community grounded and centered in prayer in such a way that we hold each other and those we do not know in God’s Restorative Light day and night.

Please pray for:

Janet Utley’s brother-in-law Neil Alfred (healing prayers)
Audrey and Walt Tarde                          Those who are unemployed
Cathy Hutcherson                                    Those who grieve over time
Karen and John Pitt                                 Those who suffer hatred and violence
Joyce Cole                                                  All who suffer with illness
Sharon Clayton                                         Immigrants: children and adults
Diane Richardson                                    Those who have suffered damage, injury, and loss                                                                          in recent storms and tornados
Congratulations Graduates!
Congratulations to Jacob and Ty Woodard who graduated from Bayless High School! Ty plans to attend UMSL and Jacob plans to attend Meremac Community College. Congratulations also to proud Mom, Charlsi Lewis Lee!

Congratulations to Lisa Pettis, who has completed the coursework for her M.Div. at Eden Theological Seminary. Lisa is not quite to the point of graduation, but only needs to complete her unit of Clinical Pastoral Education.

Congratulations to Lewis Family!
We celebrate with Bob and Linda Lewis at the birth of a new grandson! Declan Andre Lewis was born to Robby and Amelia Lewis on May 9. He entered the world at 7 lb, 6 oz , 20 3⁄4 inches long. Bob and Linda were able to be there for the birth. He joins his big sister Aarilyn. God bless this new addition to the family!

Expecting New Life!
Congratulations to Kim and Tom Litton who are expecting a new little Litton in late November/early December! Xavier will get to be a big brother! God’s blessings each and every day of the journey!

Blessing to Petri Family in their Move!
It is always hard to see beloved CHCC members move away to new places! Yet we bless them on their way and know that they will always be a part of those who make Compton Heights Christian Church the community of Christ.
Sunday, June 9 will be the last Sunday for the Petri family to be with us in worship before their move to Omaha, Nebraska. We will miss Susan, Roland, Willow, Matthew, Sienna, Jackson, Marcus, and Cory! What a blessing they are to this congregation and will be to a congregation in Omaha! The good news, of course, is that with parents/grandparents Walt and Audrey Tarde here in St. Louis and at Compton Heights CC, we will see them when they visit!

Compton Heights CC Book Groupbookclub
Next meeting: Saturday, June 1 at 1:00 pm at the church
We are reading and discussing:
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

What Else Are We Reading?
The Book Group is not the only group reading in our congregation!
The Elders are almost always reading a book or articles. In 2018, the Elders read Prophetic Lament which was a focus on Lamentations in the context of our world at this time. The author began it after the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson.

At this time, the Elders are reading Where the Cross Meets the Streets by Noel Castellanos. “Castellanos shows the strengths and limitations of a narrowly focused church, and he broadens our imaginations to embrace a gospel that proclaims Christ and that forms disciples while demonstrating compassion, confronting injustice and restoring individuals and communities to wholeness. This is the whole work of the cross; this is the privilege of those who follow the the Word made flesh.”

At least three of us, Madeline Haraway, Becky Klemme Eliceri, and Jacque Foster are reading: Honoring the Body: Meditations on a Christian Practice by Stephanie Paulsell. “Here is a book we have needed for a long time, a book that will help Christians – who affirm that ‘the Word became flesh’ – overcome their baffling historic aversion to the body and learn to honor it. Stephanie Paulsell is a wise and compassionate guide, and she has given us the most compelling treatment of this topic I’ve ever read. May her insights be received, and embodied by many.” – Parker Palmer, author, Let your Life Speak and The Courage to Teach.

2019pentecostofferingHow Is the Pentecost Offering Used?
To help our new church movement continue
to take root! Each year, half of this offering
stays in the local Region or Area where it’s
collected to start and uphold new churches.
The other half is used across the United States and Canada by New Church Ministry to support the recruiting, assessing, training and coaching of new church leaders at events like Leadership Academy. Our church planters remain committed to answering God’s call . . . to serve their neighbors, spread the gospel, and make more Disciples. But they need the nurturing and generous support of people like you. Please help our new church movement continue to take root, bear fruit . . . and grow more Disciples every day!

Please note that at Compton Heights CC, we will receive the 2019 Pentecost Offering on June 9 and 16.

Our Outreach Ministry Group and Cabinet said “YES!” when asked if our congregation could help Winter/Summer Outreach this summer by making sandwiches which will be a part of meals provided on Sunday evenings for those who are un-housed and in
need of food. NOW, having said “YES” we ALL have an opportunity to help!

After worship on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each summer month, we will make 125 sandwiches (not the whole meal as we did in a previous summer). We will then take the sandwiches to Mokabe’s Coffee House after 2 pm, where they will be put together
with other meal items donated by different churches/organizations. Winter/Summer Outreach Volunteers will then deliver the meals to those in need of them.

We will purchase the sandwich bread, sandwich meat (NO pork, NO peanut butter), and sliced cheese, and sandwich baggies to make and pack 125 sandwiches on each of these 6 Sundays. This year Winter/Summer Outreach has the resources to reimburse
us for the cost of the items. What they really need is for us to make and deliver the sandwiches to them! We will need people to help put together sandwiches following worship! With sandwich-making assembly lines, we are fast and it’s fun!

Our Sundays to make sandwiches are JUNE 9th and 23rd , JULY 14th and 28th , AUGUST 11th and 25th.

PrideFest is June 28 and 29! Participation in PrideFest is an important part of our Open and Affirming Ministry. Our Booth Planning is underway! Once again this year, we will be part of a joint Disciples of Christ Booth at the downtown Pridefest site. There will also be a Disciples of Christ group in the Pride Parade.

In addition, our congregation will have a booth at Tower Grove Pride on Saturday. Last year was our first year at Tower Grove Pride and it was wonderful!

We will want to have CHCC representatives in the Downtown booth and the Tower Grove booth. Kathy Mead has made arrangements for our Tower Grove booth space. Kathy, Leslie Latham, and Jacque are in conversation with the group from other congregations planning the downtown booth. If you would like to help with either or both booths, or
the parade, please let Kathy know asap.

On the first Sunday of August, we will begin our “Six Weeks of Compassion.” During this summer mission emphasis, we will, once again, prepare Emergency Clean-Up Buckets for use in natural disasters such as flooding, tornado, hurricane clean-up. We will create needed mission kits for Church World Service. We will emphasize giving to our Disciples “Week of Compassion” ministry which is our disaster relief ministry. And we will support Isaiah 58 Ministries, for our local community outreach.

In light of recent storms and tornados, you are invited to begin saving for the Week of Compassion offering to be taken in August, OR if you would like to give now, your gifts will be welcomed and sent. Week of Compassion has responded immediately to Community Christian Church, Jefferson City, which took a direct hit by a tornado at the end of May.

Sanctuary in the City April – May 2019 News (Vol 67, No 2)

Recognizing Christ
The journey of Lent always stirs questions in me. Have you ever wondered why Jesus would entrust a ministry of love, compassion, risk and self-giving to people who had such a hard time being loving and compassionate, and risking and self-giving? We could say, ‘Well, what choice did he have since he was going to be killed?’ But what Jesus said to
God in John 17 is “They are yours and you gave them to me, and they have kept your word. . . . All mine are yours, and yours are mine; and I have been glorified in them. And now I am no longer in the world, but they are in the world …” Jesus knew their hearts. And perhaps he knew that they were in the midst of being formed into new people because they were loved so completely. So he could see life and light in them. He trusted that though he was no longer in the world, those who followed him were in the world. And that would be enough; that they were loved by God.

And there is the possibility that love and compassion and risking and self-giving did not always come easily to Jesus either. He knew that just as God was with and in and through him, lifting him up again and again to be himself, God would be with and in and through them. So ultimately Jesus was entrusting all that he held dear to God and to those God
would love into their fullness as human beings, as God loved him.

Then, there was the promise that he would be with them. They might not recognize him at first – along the road, or in Galilee, in the closed up places of their fear when nothing new and good and life-giving seemed possible, or at breakfast after along night’s work, or . . . centuries later when love and compassion, and risk and self-giving are still scoffed at and still hard and STILL THE MARKS OF THE PRESENCE OF

Compton_Uplift_Concert.jpgChrist is truly everywhere, the very heart of life continuing to love the world into being. We have only to recognize.
Thanks be to God. Jacque

The Uplift Concert is coming up quickly! There are many ways to show your support for it and the Compton Uplift campaign: sharing the Facebook event with your friends, inviting your Facebook friends to the concert, putting together a basket to raffle off, and so much more!


Palm Sunday Worship Palm_Sunday.JPG
Sunday, April 14
11:00 am

Maundy_Thursday.JPGMaundy Thursday Worship
Thursday, April 18, 7 pm
at Oak Hill Presbyterian Church
4111 Connecticut St.
(at Oak Hill and Connecticut)

Good_Friday.jpgGood Friday Stations of the Cross Friday, April 19
at Oak Hill Presbyterian Church
Prayer Stations open from 3 pm to 7 pm
Group Walk through the Prayer Stations at 5 pm

Easter Sunday, April 21

Easter_Breakfast.JPGEaster Breakfast 9:00 am
Continental breakfast on the main level
with seating in the Library and Children’s Worship Room
You are invited to bring breakfast treats to share
such as Easter breads, sweet rolls, muffins, fruit!
We will have fruit juice, coffee and
hot tea.

Easter Egg Hunt 10 amEaster_egg_hunt.JPG
Choir Preparation
Getting ready for worship!

Easter_worship.JPGWorship – Celebration of Resurrection! 11:00 am
On this Sunday, all ages will worship in the sanctuary.
Children will not leave for “Worship and Wonder.”
However, the age range for child care will be extended for
any children for whom sanctuary worship is too long.


At this time CHCC members going to Assembly are: Madeline Haraway,
Marcia Hendrix, Judi Linville, Marsha McGuire, Kathy Mead, Dave Boger, and Jacque Foster. If you are planning to attend and are not listed here
please let Jacque know! At our May Board meeting we will choose our voting delegates.

Our congregation is one of several co-sponsoring congregations of a resolution that will come to General Assembly.
It is Resolution GA:1929: AN INVITATION TO EDUCATION FOR WELCOMING AND RECEIVING THE GIFTS OF TRANSGENDER AND GENDER-DIVERSE PEOPLE. The resolution invites all expressions of the Church into a period of study and growth in understanding of the issues facing transgender and gender-diverse individuals and their families.

Some of the other resolutions coming before General Assembly are:





GA-1926 SPIRIT OF ACTIVE LISTENING (this one comes from the General Youth Council)





The General Assembly will also receive and vote on the General Nominating Report for Officers of the General Assembly. Also the slate of new members of the General Board will come before the Assembly. Among those to be received as nominees for new General Board members will be our pastor, Jacque Foster, representing the National Benevolent Association (of which she is a Board Member).


When: first four Sundays after Easter, April 28 – May 19 10:00 am

Where: Church Library
What is this about? These Bible Studies are on the themes that will guide our General Assembly this coming July when we meet in Des Moines. The Bible Studies were created by a diversity of Disciples across the life of the Church.

Come join in this 4 week study!

prayers.jpgWe hold each other and our wider community, nation, and world in
prayer. It is more than a turn of phrase to say that we “pray without
ceasing.” This is a community grounded and centered in prayer in
such a way that we hold each other and those we do not know in God’s Light day and night.
Please pray for: Those who are unemployed
Karen and John Pitt Those who suffer hatred and violence
Joyce Cole All who suffer with illness
Sharon Clayton Immigrants, children and adults

45th Annual Hike Against Hunger Saturday, April 27
Memorial Blvd. Christian Church, one of our partner Disciples’ congregations in St. Louis, hosts this incredible “Hike Against Hunger” each Spring. The money raised through this Hike has been primarily channeled to ministries supported by our Week of Compassion. Over the last 44 years, Memorial Blvd CC has raised $489,000! These funds have met critical needs: reconnected a water system in Guarjila, rebuilt 32 houses in Bangladesh after floods, provided food in Mozambique, served 47 kids to get off the streets in Brazil, fed children in Kenya, fed orphans in Romania, built a basic need clinic in Haiti,
Helped to rebuild the Lucy Perry School in Madurai, India (several CHCC members were there on our last trip to India!), Built homes and provided Farming Kits in Honduras and Nicaragua, built wells in Sudan, provided $10,000 for Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries supporting refugee resettlement needs of vulnerable populations just across the U.S./Mexico border and food and shelter to those fleeing drug cartels, and longer term housing for political refugees . . . . THE LIST GOES ON AND ON!

THIS YEAR’S GOAL IS TO RAISE $12,000 FOR A PROJECT IN PUERTO RICO. The project is called Programa Edifiquemos – which means “let’s build”. This would provide building materials for 6 homes being repaired from Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Members of Compton Heights CC have participated in this hike in the past, however in recent years our participation has fallen off. This 45th year is a great time for us to make an extra effort to participate! Invite friends! PICK UP A SPONSOR SHEET FROM THE TABLE IN THE HALLWAY. The hike begins right here in the Shaw neighborhood from Rev. Margie Pride’s home on Botanical and takes a lovely route through nearby neighborhoods. Let’s join in!

Compton Heights CC Book Groupbookclub.jpg
Next meeting: Saturday, April 13th at 1:00pm at the church
We are reading and discussing:
Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata
The English-language debut of one of Japan’s most talented contemporary writers

Equal_Exchange1.JPGWhy is that Equal Exchange display in the hallway near the library?
This is one of our missions: our congregation helps support small farmers who use sustainable growing methods around the world! Equal Exchange is a worker-owned co-op that purchases and markets Fairly Traded coffee, cacao, tea,
sugar and other products from small farmer co-ops in Mexico, Central America, South America, Africa and Asia. Over 90 percent of the products are certified organic. Our church account with Equal Exchange is registered with the
Disciples of Christ Fair Trade project, and for each pound of fairly traded coffee, chocolate, and tea we buy, 15 cents is deposited in the Small Farmer Fund. More than $1,000 was raised this way in 2018. This fund is used by Week of Compassion to
support the educational, entrepreneurial, and other aspirations of women all over the world. One such project is the Congo Coffee project that provides funds for a hospital for women in the Democratic Republic of Congo; another is Mama Tierra in Mexico.

We serve Equal Exchange coffee every Sunday and at various fellowship events. InEqual_Exchange2.JPG
addition, we have packaged coffees for sale: both ground and whole bean, full city roast, vienna roast and light roast are available as well as ground and whole bean decaf. If you
would like to see the full list of coffees available, visit and browse. There are even three varieties of single-serve pods if that is how you make your
coffee at home or the office! If you see a product that is not currently available in the CHCC “store”, please let Judi Linville know and she can order it through our registered site.

Equal_Exchange3.JPGWe also have many varieties of tea, and about a dozen kinds of chocolate. We have just received two of the newest chocolate bars: Organic Chocolate with Coconut Milk (lactose free) and Organic Dark Chocolate Almond and Sea Salt. Soon we will have some of another new variety: Organic Total Eclipse Dark Chocolate (92% cacao). We have 10 additional flavors in stock.

All of the Equal Exchange products are priced at our actual cost. You will find theEqual_Exchange4.JPG
Equal Exchange price to be quite comparable to organic products in local stores, and you can also be happy to know that the small farmer who grew the raw material
received more money than the farmers who sold theirs to a huge corporation. And in the case of chocolate especially, there was no child labor involved. Please feel free to browse the products we have and check the web site for anything you would like to try that we don’t have. If you have more questions, just ask Judi Linville.

NEW Officer and Chairpersons Elected for 2019!

We give thanks to the Nominating Committee and we give thanks those who have completed terms and those beginning
new terms as Deacons, Elders, Trustee, Officers and New Chairpersons:
Those who completed terms at the end of 2018 were:
Elders: Leslie Latham, Kathy Mead, Rev. Millie Slack
Deacons: Heather Stout, Bud Obermiller, Audrey Tarde, Walt Tarde, David Martin
Trustee: Susan Petri
Those elected for new 3 year terms are:
Elders: Becky Klemme Eliceiri, Charlsi Lewis Lee, and Madeline Haraway
Deacons: Marcia Hendrix, Mike Hubbard, James Pettis, Lisa Pettis, Ron Hutcherson
Trustee: Steve Randolph
We give thanks to Nancy Obermiller for serving two terms are Moderator of the Board and Congregation!
Our new Moderator is Madeline Haraway.
We give thanks to Bud Obermiller and Dennis James for leading the Deacons. Bud has rotated off.
We give thanks to Dennis James for continuing as Chair of the Deacons.

We give thanks to Carolyn Harry and DebE Martin for serving as Co-Chairs of the Elders.
Our new Co-Chairs of the Elders are Becky Klemme Eliceiri and Steve Randolph

AND we give thanks for ALL of those who are continuing to serve as Deacons, Elders and Church Officers!




“When you walk along a country road and notice a little tuft of grass . . . the
next time you pass that way you [must] stop to see how it is getting along and
how much it has grown.”
Georgia O’Keefe (1887–1986)
American painter

PDF Version of Newsletter Here

Sanctuary in the City February – March 2019 News (Vol 67, No 1)

Compton Heights Celebrating 125 Years of Ministry
The ministry of a congregation is an amazing thing! We tend to look at it in the moment, from our perspective as worshippers on this particular Sunday, or as those caring for people in these months, or the mission of the last year or so. Some in the congregation have grown up with their families rooted and serving through this community all their lives. Others have entered into the life of the congregation at some point in the last months or years when they were searching for a community in which they felt
connected to God’s love and the ministry of the community.

The amazing gift of God is that this congregation has been in ministry long before any of us were here! It was 125 years ago, on April 1, 1894 that Compton Heights Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) was chartered as a congregation. Through these 125 years, many, many people have worshipped together, dreamed together, made exciting and hard decisions, and served the community beyond the church as only those holding onto a vision can. Many have been born into and blessed in this congregation. Many
have been baptized and have wrestled with the hard and life-giving questions of faith here.

We are here because those before us made commitments that were risky. They chose to serve, to listen for God’s leading, to build on the gifts of those before them. We give thanks as we stand everyday on their vision and their stewardship of this congregation, even as we listen to God for our present vision!

Throughout 2019, we will create opportunities to remember and to celebrate. Our Board has created a small group to plan our observance of this Anniversary year. A great part of the celebration will be our commitment to the COMPTON UPLIFT Campaign to strength our ministry for the present and the future. Dave and I consider our pledge to this new level of accessibility to be a celebration of the ministry, past, present, and future of CHCC! The Compton UpLift Celebration Dinner at the Bertschausen’s on Feb. 24
will be a part of this celebration! (Please let us know you are coming!)

Other markers will include an opportunity to tell and share our individual stories. And we will share stories of the congregation’ ministry in the past. There will be at least one concert along the way! If YOU have ideas or ways that you would like to help celebrate, please let us know! The Spirit is moving as it always does! Thanks be to God!

Pastor Jacque

11th Annual Pancake Supper and FAT Tuesday Celebration

Isaiah 58 Pancake SupperMarch 5th 6:00 – 7:30 pm, Oak Hill Presbyterian Church, 4111 Connecticut St., St. Louis, MO 63116

Come kick off the Lenten Season with Isaiah 58 Ministries
Pancakes and all the fixins’! Live Music! S’mores Station! 50/50 Drawing








Ash Wednesday Worship
Join us for the powerful service of worship that begins the Lenten season of reflection and prayer.
Wednesday, March 6, 7:00 pm in our sanctuary.
As is our custom, we will share this service with Oak Hill Presbyterian Church.

deathSunday Mornings 10 AM – LENTEN ADULT STUDY – Begins March 10
Daring to Talk About Death – led by Marilyn Koncen
“Dying well is facing our own death squarely and honestly, living life to the fullest – with utmost love, gratitude, courage, patience … seeing death [as less an] … end than a beginning, not as punishment for sin, but an act of total surrender, hope,
and union.” – Peter Phan

“O God grant that I may understand that it is YOU who are painfully parting the fibres of my being, in order to penetrate the very marrow of my substance, and bear me away within Yourself …. Teach me to treat my death as an Act of Communion.” – Ron Rohlheiser

boundless_compassionLenten Evening Study – “Boundless Compassion: Creating a Way of Life” – led by Jacque Foster
Tuesday Evenings, 6:30 – 7:30 pm March 12, 19, 26, April 2, 9, and 16
Participants will use the book Boundless Compassion: Creating a Way of Life by Joyce Rupp. The six week group sharing is grounded in the brief (about 20 minutes) daily reflections through each week. Our small group will meet for an hour on Tuesday evenings. The cost of the book is $13.60. PLACE YOUR BOOK ORDER with Jacque no later than Sunday, Feb. 24. (You may also choose to purchase the book for personal use even if you do not plan to participate in the group. If you prefer to use your e-reader, please purchase the book yourself (cost about $9.50 for Kindle)).

Maundy Thursday Worship – Thursday, April 18 – at Oak Hill Presbyterian Church
Good Friday Stations of the Cross – Friday, April 19 – at Oak Hill Presbyterian Church
Please note that these services are in the planning process and times will be announced.
Easter Sunday, April 21 in our sanctuary! (the morning schedule to be announced!)

coldOak Hill Presbyterian, Isaiah 58 Ministries, and Compton Heights CC Winter Outreach Shelter
Compton Heights CC works with Oak Hill Presbyterian and Isaiah 58 Ministry to
provide and staff an emergency winter shelter. It is located at Oak Hill Presbyterian (4111 Connecticut) and open on Wednesday nights when it is below 20 degrees, or below 25 degrees with wet weather. The emergency shelter is
coordinated through Winter Outreach, who go out and pick up people needing shelter, and shuttle them to shelters throughout the area. Since our city-run shelters do not provide enough beds, these emergency shelters are key to making sure people can survive the night.

We remember the words of Matthew 25 “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”

CHCC members volunteer for set up, kitchen help for dinner, general shelter presence (two volunteers are awake at all times, while the guests sleep), kitchen help for breakfast and morning clean-up. These evenings are a gift not only to those in need of warm physical shelter, but they are a gift to all of us who experience the power of God’s shelter in these shared evenings.

If you have questions about serving, feel free to ask Meredith or Jacque.
Come in from the cold with us,
Meredith and Jacque

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

to ALL who brought blankets, sheets, toiletries. Wash cloths and towels, and extra food treats for the Winter Shelter. Those who have been there know how great the need has been and how much these items have helped create a truly welcoming and warm space! Your compassion abounds!


Developing Spiritual Resources for Congregation and Community!

How often do YOU visit our church website ( Becky Klemme Eliceiri and Marcia Hendrix are in the process of developing our Church Library to include everything from books on the shelf to a catalog linking to online resources!
We want our church library to be a rich spiritual life resource for everyone. Please visit our new “” site (still in development) on the website under “What’s New This Season.” Or go directly to

We have a great group already planning to be at GA! Come join us!

prayersWe hold each other and our wider community, nation, and world in
prayer. It is more than a turn of phrase to say that we “pray without
ceasing.” This is a community grounded and centered in prayer in
such a way that we hold each other and those we do not know in God’s presence day and night.
Please pray for these:
Bud Obermiller Judi Linville
Karen and John Pitt Those who suffer hatred and violence
Joyce Cole All who suffer with illness
Sharon Clayton Immigrants, children and adults

insympathyWe celebrate the life of the Royce Sykes, Jr. and we grieve our loss in Royce’s death to this life on January 12. Royce had a strong faith and had struggled for many years with diabetes. He suffered a heart attack from which he could not recover.

Royce loved this congregation and loved and appreciated those in the who visited and cared for him over these last years. We give thanks for his impact on our lives.

We hold his daughters Rhiannon and Cory in prayer as well as the rest of his family.
The last we have heard from the family and from Kutis Funeral Home is that services are pending.

warm_welcomeWe welcome Janet Utley who joined the congregation on January 6. Janet has been worshiping with us since last spring, and came to be a part of the congregation as she came with Judy after their marriage last spring. Janet is a nurse and has been participating in our winter outreach shelter and our Adult Class on Sundays. When Janet came forward, she said that this congregation feels like it can be her home. We welcome you Janet and look forward to growing together in faith!

Convenence Store WomanCompton Heights CC Book Group
Next meeting: Saturday, April 13th at 1:00pm at the church
We are reading and discussing:
Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata, the English-language debut of one of Japan’s most talented contemporary writers








Our Compton Uplift capital campaign is progressing! Please visit our FAQ to learn more about the campaign, and download the pledge form, save, and e-mail, send, or bring your completed form to the church.

View the Feb – March Newsletter 2019 as a PDF


Compton UpLift FAQ: Extending Our Ministry to More People

Compton Heights Christian Church is embarking upon Compton UpLift, our capital campaign...

Read more

Sanctuary in the City: Advent News (December 2018; Vol. 66, No. 6)

Sanctuary in the City: Advent News (December 2018; Vol. 66, No. 6)

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Sanctuary in the City: Fall Into Christ; Sept & Oct 2018 News

CROP Hunger Walk: Ending Hunger One Step at a Time

CROP walkAs you consider walking in the October 7 CROP Walk & Concert, you are invited to read this letter sent to Clint McCann, Walk Director for our area.

Dear Clint,

As Hurricane Florence bears down, I’m so thankful for you. I’m about to evacuate my own family to a more inland location in North Carolina and am catching a glimpse of the real fear and uncertainty that so many experience when things get in the way of survival. And for nearly five decades, that’s why CROP Hunger Walkers like you have walked.

I want to let you know that funds from the CROP Hunger Walk can be used, if needed, to help in recovery efforts…because when people can’t recover quickly from disaster, they become vulnerable to hunger and poverty. That means that, like you, tens of thousands of walkers across the nation are poised to support families in the
path. Please keep up your good work fundraising for the Saint Louis Metro CROP Hunger Walk so that we can strengthen our safety net for people who need help.

In addition to having funds at the ready, CWS (the parent organization of the Walk) is actively planning to make sure people have extra support when the storm passes. We are working to preposition CWS Hygiene Kits, Emergency Cleanup Buckets and
Blankets along the coast so that supplies can be quickly distributed as needed. This is what it means to be a neighbor. I’m so thankful our lives can be linked, bettered and saved by compassion.

Grateful to you,
Mary Catherine Hinds
CWS staff member, Raleigh, North Carolina

Just another reminder that the 2018 St. Louis Hunger Walk and Concert is Sunday, October 7 at Eden Seminary in Webster Groves – check-in at 4:30 pm, Walk at 5:00, and
Concert at 7:00. The Holy Crepe Food Truck will be onsite from 4:00 to 7:00 pm. (This) link will take you to the local Walk page, where you can register, create a team,
solicit donations, and /or donate. If the link doesn’t work, go to

Will you be a part of a Compton Heights CC Team!

Labor in the Pulpits Sunday, Sept 16

laborinthepulpitsGod calls us to value the labor of God’s people. Preaching this week: Cecilia Belser-Patton, Organizer, Missouri Jobs With Justice



Oooohhhh the HATS!
fromthepastorFirst a hat or two, ‘Okay’. Then more, and people I’d never expect to see in a hat! Even the men had on hats. Then came Morgan-at-the-organ-in-a-jester’s-hat and David at the piano in a wide brimmed red doozie! The choir in hats! It was all crazy and fun!

What an absolute joy to be back home at Compton Heights CC! You have welcomed me back  with love!

As we catch up with each other in these days, I am enjoying hearing the stories of how the congregation spent this sabbatical time and sharing my own experiences. It was noted in Board meeting tonight that there is a clear connection between my Ignatian focus on Spiritual Freedom and the study the Elders began on Prayer and Lamentations. The congregation clearly responded to a call to nurture and care for the whole person – expressed in a variety of ways: pastoral care for each other, the Elders’ study, a new Book Club (see separate article), a nurturing exercise group, and the Six Weeks of Compassion Mission project, a wonderful variety of  ‘voices proclaiming the Word’ and voices sharing music.

In the coming months, we will build on our sabbatical discoveries in prayer, worship, music, and mission! We invite you to note, in these pages, the many opportunities to live God’s love as we move into the fall together!

My hat is off to you all and, in particular to those who shared their many gifts of worship leadership, preaching, pastoral care, organization, and planning to make this a wonderful summer! For now, let’s just enjoy a reprise of the hats!!!


Pray for Victims of Hurricane Florence

HurricaneFlorenceIn our ministry, we strive to work in ways that anticipate and respond to meet needs rather than always reacting after the

As Hurricane Florence approaches the southeast coast of the U.S., we have already responded in physical ways. Over the
last 6 weeks, we have anticipated needs through what we have called “Six Weeks of Compassion.”

We have created Disaster Relief Clean-up Buckets which will be distributed through Church World Service in the immediate aftermath of the storms. We help CWS keep these on hand!

We have created School Kits which CWS distributes in areas of disaster and in areas of poverty, when children need the basics to start school or to resume school in the aftermath of a tragedy.

We have given a monetary offering for our denomination’s “Week of Compassion.” WOC works in coordination with Church World Service, Regions, congregations, and other partners “on the ground” in disaster relief and development. We have given over $3,000 thus far in these months so that WOC can respond directly to the needs of our neighbors in wake of disaster.

If you wish to give further for Disaster Relief in this hurricane season or for any other crisis, you may give to Week of Compassion at any time and we will forward your gift. When you give through WOC for a particular crisis, 100% of your gift goes to the designated need.

Thank you to our Outreach and Stewardship Ministry Group, under the leadership of Judi Linville, for coordinating this vital part of our ministry!

Mental Health

Opportunity to be a part of Ministry at St. Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center
Rev. Karen Pitt, Chaplain at St. Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center is recruiting volunteers for ministries at the Center (on Arsenal). Possible Opportunities include providing special music on an occasional or regular basis at the facility Christian worship service, preaching occasionally or regularly, leading groups. Please contact Chaplain Karen Pitt
Autism Support Information
At the end of August DebE Martin met with several CHCC folks to share information from her recent trainings to help us respond to and support children with Autism. A special thanks to those in the congregation who participated! Several of us wanted to be there but could not. DebE is willing to put together information to share with those who would like to receive it, or to talk with others. Please let DebE know if you are interested!
Plans for General Mental Health and Faith Educational Opportunity!
Everyone of us faces our own mental health challenges, just as we face physical health challenges. We all want to support each other in ways that are helpful. Five members of our congregation who work in different aspects of mental health care are helping us to prepare a series to speak to a variety of challenges, questions, and needs in our lives as we seek wellness and support. Watch for this event upcoming

trivianightA Fun Evening with Friends to Fund Mission! Saturday, September 29; First Round begins at 6pm!

★ A “shorter, kinder” evening of Trivia; ALL the fun and finished by about 8:30!
★ 6 Rounds rather than the customary 10!
★ Door Prizes! ★ 50/50 Raffle!

Invite friends, neighbors, and family to put together a table of 8 at $20 per person! This evening is a fundraiser to boost our Mission and Outreach Giving! Please let Kathy Mead know if you are planning a table or are just planning on coming as an individual (in which case you will share a table with others)!

Worship from the Heart: A Study and Preparation Group worshipfromtheheart

Do you love to lead worship? Would you like to lead worship, are not presently doing so?
Do you enjoy the opportunity to serve as liturgist, reading scripture and leading prayer? Does your leadership at the Table as a deacon or elder bring you joy?
Do you feel a sense of God’s Spirit on your lips and in your heart when you lead?
Do you want to have a deeper experience of worship leadership?
Do you sometimes feel unsure about ‘what to do with yourself’ while leading
Do you sometimes wish the worship leader seemed more prepared and connected
to the word being spoken?
Do you long for worship leaders to truly lead you in a way that deepens your worship?
Would you like to be a part of deepening this congregation’s sense of worship?

Pastor Jacque would like to gather worship leaders and those who are interested in leading worship in a group for study, planning, and preparation. If you are compelled by any of the questions above, we hope you will engage with this new group. We have not yet set a date to begin. This could be a group that meets on Sunday mornings for a series or an evening group.

Please speak with Jacque if you think you are interested. We will choose the best meeting time for those interested.

bookclubCompton Heights CC Book Club

Next meeting: Saturday, October 13, 1:00pm
at the church
This Month’s book: Go Tell It On The Mountain by James Baldwin, a powerful autobiographical novel written by Baldwin in 1953.

CONGRATULATIONS ON A CALL to a New Ministrynewministry

The Rev. Susan Miller has accepted the call as pastor of Celebration Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in St. Peters. Susan has been worshiping with our congregation since she and her husband Patrick moved to St. Louis this past year. Susan had completed a ministry in a congregation in Little Rock, Arkansas. Let us hold Susan and Celebration
Christian Church in prayer in these days of new beginning. Susan and Patrick continue to live here in our neighborhood. Patrick is serving as a Deacon at St. Pius on S. Grand. Let us hold them in our prayer. We will miss Susan in our midst on Sundays!

Rev. Katherine Kinnamon, of our congregation served as the Interim Minister at Celebration CC, and it is good to have Katherine back in our midst!

prayerIn these days we hold each other and our wider Community, nation, and world in prayer. It is more than a turn of phrase to say that we “pray without ceasing.”

This is a community grounded and centered in prayer in such a way that we hold each other and those we do not know in God’s presence day and night.

Sunday Morning Nurture and Needs
As we begin our Fall –Winter -Spring schedule, we want to share in this ministry together so that no one person carries too much and that we all share our gifts!

A number of people in the congregation have trained in the past to serve as “Children, Worship and Wonder Storytellers and/ or Greeters.” If YOU have trained as a Storyteller or Greeter, we hope you will share in the rotation of those worshiping with our children!
Those who have been serving as regular Storyteller and Greeters LOVE doing it, but also LOVE being in Sanctuary Worship. If we have our full group of trained folks sharing equally, then everyone will be able to enjoy both. Our children will grow by building relationship with different adults! We also need more adults to serve in the rotation of
‘extra Nursery helpers’ to assist our childcare giver, Lillian Molitor, on Sunday mornings!

Please see Kathy Mead to help with either!

We have a “Safe Church Policy” which requires a background check and Safe-Sanctuary
Boundary Training for all who work with children or youth. If you have not had these
previously, we will help you get them.

Anti-Racism / Pro-Reconciliation



I hope this message finds you well! I would like to first introduce myself as the Racial Justice Conference Organizing Specialist of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Mid-America. On behalf of an ongoing effort to connect and empower congregations across the MidAmerica Region, clergy, members of your congregation, and who are interested are invited to participate in our Racial Justice Summit on
October 6, 2018, at Webster Groves Christian Church beginning at 9:00 AM and ending at 3:00 PM. ( See the “Disciples Only” part of the program after 1:00 pm).

This conference will open with a message from Rev. Dr. Sharon Watkins, who currently serves on the National Council of Churches as director of its truth and racial justice initiative. After her message, the conference will then offer panelists specializing in building urban and rural power, as well as economic power in Missouri. The panelist format is intended to empower individuals and congregations from both urban and
rural areas of Missouri. Additionally, clergy participation qualifies for continuing education credit.

Peace in Christ,

Matthew Capestro

Check the Calendar for events!