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Global Ministries


We are a “Global Mission Church” which means that we understand ourselves to be a part of Christ’s ministry throughout the world.  We are always listening for God’s leading through the needs of God’s people!

Regular giving to support our Global Ministries through our Disciples Mission Fund special offerings.

Prayer for and with our Global Mission Partners around the world. Each Sunday in worship, we pray for the concerns of our brothers and sisters around the world, for the conditions that cause suffering, and for the work of hope that changes lives.


Each year we do the hands-on work of gathering and putting together kits needed for disaster outreach, both local and global. We have put together Disaster Buckets for Joplin, MO and for Church World Service to use in places such as Haiti, New Orleans, and New York/New Jersey. We put together school kits for use in Missouri as well as Africa. We put to together hygiene kits, baby layettes, and whatever kits are in greatest need.

In November 2009, we took our first trip through the Global Ministries “People to People Pilgrimage” to India. Three members of Compton Heights CC were part of a group of eleven traveling to South India where we stayed a Family Village Farm and King’s Matriculation School at Kassam/Katpadi. There we spent time with the children and staff, and did health screenings. We spent time at Christian Medical College Hospital in Vellore, and at the Scheifflin Institute, a leprosy research and treatment center, as well as visiting Shantigramam (Village of Peace) center for elders who have had leprosy.

In August, 2010 we hosted Dr. Anil Henry, Director of Christian Hospital, Mungeli, India while he was in the U.S. sharing the story of this long-time Disciples of Christ mission hospital.

In 2011, our pastor co-led a second trip to India, along with 3 other members of the congregation and a total group of 14. During this trip we spent time with our mission partners and hosts of the Church of South India in Chennai, then time at Family Village Farm and King’s Matriculation School where Marsha, a RN in our congregation, led us in Health Screening for over 700 children and adults. We then traveled about a 1000 miles north to Mungeli, where we stayed at Christian Hospital, learning about and experiencing the work of Dr. Henry and the amazing medical staff there in a very poor area of India.  Some of our group taught supplemental classes in the nursing school, while others observed and learned about the care of people in crisis and extended a ministry of presence.

We are looking toward our next trip in 2015.

Child Sponsorship
In 2012, our congregation began sponsoring two children through our Global Ministries’ Child Sponsorship Program. They are both boys who live in the villages near Kassam/Katpadi, India and attend King’s Matriculation School. We provide support for them to attend school and we communicate to build relationship with them. People in the congregation are invited to drop their change in a special Child Sponsorship Jar so that we all participate in supporting our children in India!

Families and individuals may choose to sponsor a child through Global Ministries. For instance Pastor Jacque and Dave sponsor a little girl. You could sponsor a child through Family Village Farm in India or in another country!}

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