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Sunday Schedule

What Happens on Sunday Mornings?

Come join us for worship ... you can just come through the door!

Come join us for worship … you can just come through the door!

We return to in person worship on Sunday, March 6, 2022. Worship starts at 11:00 am. To help prevent the spread of COVID we have health and safety protocols in place for Sunday worship.  Click here for details.

Choir Warm-up at 10:00am – Those who would like to sing in the choir will practice the music for the morning’s worship.  The choir sings wearing masks.

Sunday morning Christian Education for children and Adults, After-Worship Fellowship time and after worship Choir Practice are currently suspended

Christian Education and Nurture for All Ages  10:00 AM (except Summer – in summer we take a break for other activities and a more relaxed schedule! See the Newsletter under Resources for up to date information)
Nursery – with our trained Nursery Caregivers

Classes for Children and Youth (Currently Suspended)
Pre-School – Grade 1
Grades 2-6

Adult Study and Faith Sharing (Currently Suspended)
A great mixture of adult ages, this group gathers for Bible Study and faith discussion.  The class discusses current life issues and challenges in light of the gospel.

vscc+chalicesSanctuary Worship   11:00AM
Worship is always contemporary in content with a traditional style:
*The Lord’s Supper (Holy Communion) is shared each Sunday and ALL are welcome at Christ’s Table
*We sing our faith. Music is a vital part of worship, with great congregational singing, and a choir that sings the faith through classics, contemporary pieces, spirituals, and world Christian music such at that of Iona and Taizé.
*The liturgy is ‘the work of the people,’ so everyone is involved! Leaders are lay and ordained. The congregation is engaged through readings, prayers, and responses.
*The Prayers of the People include prayer for our world, community, and for those dear to us.
*We worship through the seasons of the Christian year: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, and Ordinary Time

FCM-CWWlogo“Children, Worship & Wonder” – in the Children’s Worship Center
All children begin worship in the sanctuary with the adults. A few minutes into the worship service, children ages 3-8 gather in front of the communion table. They are given the Worship and Wonder Bible and are blessed as they go to the Children’s Worship Center.

This great Montessori-based program draws out the natural tendency in children to worship  – that is, to experience the awe and wonder of God! Led by trained CW&W storytellers, the children ages 3-8 experience hands-on stories of the Bible, and then have the opportunity to respond through the arts, or by re-telling the story themselves. The children and leaders sing, share the Great Feast, pray, and receive a blessing before their parents or guardians pick them up a the door of the Children’s Worship Center.

After-Worship Fellowship Time  12:00 – 12:30  Church Library (Currently suspended)
Members of the congregation volunteer to provide snacks for this community time each Sunday. It is a time of laughter, meeting new people and good talks. One way to participate in the hospitality of church is to volunteer to be part of the rotation of people bring snacks for this time!

Choir Practice  12:30 – 1:30 Choir Room  (September through Pentecost in May)
Our regular weekly choir practice takes place on Sunday afternoons. It is a fun time! Sometimes a group of choir members will find a place to have lunch together.

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