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UpLift Construction Progresses

Week of January 13th:  The cast iron sewer line attached to the grease trap had rusted through, we expected this line might be part of the problem.  The sewer line is being replaced, along with the grease trap and an additional clean out valve will be created further  down the line, close to the Isaiah 58 offices.

As the contractors are working on the grease trap and sewer line issues.  The new ceiling and lighting is going up in the the fellowship hall.  Everything is on schedule to to be completed in time for our celebration dinner on March 1st.

Grease trap work starts

Replacing the old, disintegrated cast iron pipes.


As of January 5, 2020, the new floors are installed in the new bathrooms and the fellowship hall and the ceiling tiles are removed in preparation for the new ceiling.  The grease trap in the kitchen will be repaired and/or replaced as needed the week of January 13th.

A close-up of the flooring in the fellowship hall.

New flooring in the hallway outside the new restrooms.

Fellowship hall with new floors.

Ceiling tiles removed in preparation for new ceiling.

As of December 1, 2019, the lift is installed, the walls in the Narthex are patched and painted and the new flooring in the Narthex completed.  There are 3 items to be completed.  The new flooring for lower level in the restroom area and fellowship hall – will be installed between December 23rd and January 3rd.  The ceiling tiles in the fellowship hall are being removed on December 20th and new ceiling and lighting fixtures will go in early January. The grease trap in the kitchen will be replaced in mid-January.

As of November 11, 2019 the restroom fixtures are installed; water fountains are installed; the walls are up; the lift is partially assembled and the new doorway to the fellowship hall is complete.


As of October 18, 2019 the Compton UpLift project has passed all the major City of St. Louis inspections – electrical, structural and plumbing.

The shower is starting to take shape.

The current view in the Narthex. The new lift will be installed in the far corner, where the sunlight is falling.

The hole that has been cut in the Narthex floor to make way for the lift

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